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Should You Keep Your Side Business A Secret?

Updated: Oct 19, 2021

A business coach and an artist share insights and tips to navigate employer relations while running a side hustle

In this episode of Growth Through Conversation, I asked business coach Michelle Soto and Phoenix-based artist and business owner Luisa Leon to share insights and tips to help freelancers, part-time consultants and aspiring business owners navigate the sometimes complex space of employer relations while building a business or side hustle of your own.

According to SalesForce, millennials and Gen Z are 188 percent more likely to have the aim of creating a side business compared to Baby boomers.

We’re seeing this become more common in our circles.

If you're working a nine to five while building something on your own on the side, you'll find my conversation with Michelle and Luisa helpful.

Watch the full interview here.

Here are key takeaways from my conversation with Michelle and Luisa:

  • On Understanding Company Culture: “It is important to understand what the culture of the company you work for is and also to remember you have the right to privacy.” -Michelle Soto. Michelle advises her clients not to feel pressured to over share information on what they do outside of their work hours simply because other colleagues do so.

  • Michelle's thoughts on whether others' support matters: Michelle says that it is not our job to make people see you as the future business owner or the successful entrepreneur. It is important to understand that people are not going along with you as you are working your way up to grow into your dreams. Be prepared for people to be uncomfortable or not as supportive with the process of you growing.

  • Both Luisa and Michelle agree that there is value and growth in the process of becoming. Rather than focusing on achieving the final goal, the key is to remain mindful throughout the growth process to learn from the ups and downs.

“Who you’re becoming is more important than the end result of your growth journey.” -Luisa Leon
  • “If you share information about your business on social media or if your side business has an online presence, be prepared for coworkers to ask questions so you can answer accordingly while setting healthy boundaries,” says Michelle.

Watch the full interview here.

I hope this conversation fueled your growth and encourages you to do more of what moves you. If so, let me know in the comments below.

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