My Personal Experience and Feelings on Motherhood

In this motherhood blog post I open up about my personal and honest experience with being a first-time mom. For me, it is not as it is portrayed in the media, and that is ok.

I started this motherhood blog in part to share my personal experience and honest feelings on being a mom. There is something about motherhood that brings out the best and the worst in some of of us. I'm guilty of this too.

Motherhood is a magical and heavy load

“Motherhood was difficult for me to grow into but it's also been one of the most beautiful gifts life has given me.”

A hard but necessary lesson to learn: I don't and probably will never have it all together so I must embrace a little chaos, a little mess, and a lot of learning as I go.

No two moms, children, or families are exactly alike, and that's ok

You can read all the books, tips, and advice in the world and you'll still have hard days. But the days when things go a little smoothly will give you some reassurance and maybe even a bit of confidence.

Who you are as a parent, woman, professional doesn't have to look a certain way. It just needs to work for you and your family.

“It's ok to be different. Your circle will appreciate you more for being you.”

What has your experience with motherhood been like?

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